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Enda (Environment and Development of Developing Countries) is an NGO that was founded in 1972 and it is based in Dakar, Senegal.

Originally created to be a joint program of the United Nations for the Environment (PNUE), the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Enda acquired legal status in 1978.

The association is fundamentally engaged in the fight against poverty and the promotion of sustainable development by grassroots groups. In order to do this, Enda strives to promote access to basic services like drinking water, sanitation, equality between men and women, and the protection of natural resources and also community health (HIV/AIDS), urban agriculture…

The vision of Enda is the fundamental reference of Enda Europe and the other components of the Enda network. It is currently formulated in the following terms: "A world in peace and solidarity, respectful of human rights and human dignity, social justice and cultural diversity, where different resources are allocated equitably and managed in the interests of present and future generations."

Keeping this in mind, the mission of Enda is available in the following terms:

  • Enda works to build societies where everybody may participate responsibly to the collective regulation. In this regard, Enda promotes the development and combat the various forms of exclusion and poverty and the mechanisms that generate them.
  • Enda TM promeut l’autonomie, le renforcement et le «protagonisme» des communautés et mouvements sociaux ; elle favorise leur participation significative et qualifiée aux processus socio-économiques ainsi qu’à la détermination des politiques publiques.
  • Enda promotes the autonomy, strengthening and "protagonism" of communities and social movements; it encourages their meaningful and qualified participation to socio-economic processes and the determination of public policy.
  • Enda strives to the respect of human rights, pluralism, cultural diversity and equity between genders and between generations.
  • Enda is mobilized in favor of opening-up and articulation of knowledge and actions at local, regional and international level.
  • Through training, research-action, advocacy and building strategic alliances, Enda contributes to the formulation of public policies in line with sustainable development and the emergence of a peace and non-violence culture.

Enda tries to capture the needs of grassroots groups in order to put in place an alternative development system and better yet, to integrate them into society.

To this end, Enda uses its technical groups and groups divided according to theme which act in different spheres but are linked to the environment and socio-economic development.

Our financial partners

European Commission German Ministry of Education Research French Ministry of Employment (CNASEA) Geneva Third World RAJA Fondation Grupo Familia Fondation Logo CDC Solidarity Developpement Logo

European Commission, German Ministry of Education, Research, French Ministry of Employment (CNASEA), Geneva Third World,
the Raja Foundation, the Grupo Familia Fondation and the CDC Solidarity Developpement association.